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Archive Scanning

Document Imaging Services

As business life becomes more and more bureaucratic our offices are filling up with paper, taking up valuable space. The problem is that in a lot of cases we have to retain the information held on that paper, so what do we do? We store it. Expensive and not very accessible.

Now that a lot of scanned data is admissible in court more and more businesses are scanning that archive of paper. Making it far more accessible and freeing up the space for more profitable uses. At Scanning Direct we specialise in document archiving ranging in paper size from A6 to A0.

Archive scanning projects can range in size from a few boxes to 100's, but no matter the size you can expect the same high levels of quality and service from all of our staff. Throughout the scanning process spot checks are made to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained. We delete blank pages and turn documents as part of our service, which many companies charge extra for. Once the indexing has been finished and the files are complete a thorough quality control process guarantees to produce the best possible results.

document scanning of full colour files

Large Format Scanning

large format scanning of full colour plans

up to A0 size in full colour

Scanning Direct offers a fast, high quality, competitively priced scanning services to cater to all your large format requirements. If you're involved in construction, engineering, surveying or civil engineering you'll be familiar with the issues of storing drawing plans, especially when the job is completed and you only need to hold them for reference or compliance.

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Archive Storage Service

After documents have been scanned some of our clients continue to store their paper files and we are happy to arrange this service. The documents remain accessible on request, and are stored in secure warehousing equipped with full fire, flood and disaster protection systems.

Store & Scan

Store and Scan is ideal for clients that need to free up office space but don’t want to sign up to a long term storage contract. We collect the files and put them into our secure storage facility, then plan a scanning schedule to suit your requirements for budget and time-scale.

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Secure document archive storage facility

Scan to Cloud

documents scanned to cloud service

Online Document Management

For many of us the ability to access our documents from any location is an essential part of our working lives. The idea of having to carry around large files or travelling with heavy briefcases are thankfully over. Our Scan-to-cloud service provides our clients with dedicated web space to store essential documents to be accessed by staff in any location. Security is obliviously paramount so access is controlled by user name and password.

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Secure Confidential Destruction

The life cycle of every document is generally; creation to active to archive to deep storage to eventual destruction. Once your paper has been scanned we can arrange for your documents to be securely and confidentially destroyed. We recommend incineration, it has a very irretrievable feeling of ultimate secure destruction.


As an alternative green option, we also offer secure shredding with recycling. Both options have a certificate of destruction that will be issued for your records. For further details on Confidential Secure Destruction

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Secure confidential document destruction service
non destructive book scanning service

Book Scanning

Non Destructive

The easiest way to scan a book is to guillotine it and scan it through a standard production scanner, we have the ability to scan fragile or valuable books in a non destructive way. Book scanning conversions to digitised documents include Catalogues, Photographic, Technical Reports, Brochures and laboratory records.

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Photograph Scanning

Our photograph scanning service is designed for businesses that may have an photo archive that needs to be carefully handled by experts and indexed in an unique way.

Full Colour

We can scan up to 1200DPI in full colour, large format photos up to 40", the recommended TIF format will give the best results and is easily converted to other file formats.

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photo scanning service for businesses

Periodical & Brochure Scanning

periodical & brochure scanning service

Newsletter and archives

If you have an archive of newletters, technical manuals,brochures or periodicals and you own the copyright to them, it may be worth considering having them converted to digital documents that could produce a revenue stream, or just be very useful for your company to have the digital archive.

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Colour Scanning

In most cases it is not necessary to scan documents in colour as black & white is quite sufficient. However there are documents i.e. reports, brochures, drawings, presentation and photographs and would make no sense unless they are scanned in colour. As part of our service we pay attention to the documents scanned and make sure that any that need the benefit of colour are scanned accordingly.

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full colour 24 bit scanning service for businesses

On-Site Scanning

It’s not always convenient to send paper-based records offsite, especially when the source documents are confidential, valuable and cannot be transported, or if you require constant access to the live files. Scanning Directs onsite service teams provide the perfect solution by bringing the appropriate onsite scanning equipment and experienced technicians to you. Once installed on your premises, our onsite scanning services are ideal for backlog conversion of paper archives. Contact us for more details

Microfiche & Film

Scanning Direct works with a specialist partner to offer a Microfiche scanning service with one of the highest capacities in the UK, using the very latest Wicks and Wilson microfiche scanners. Dating back to 2000, they have scanned tens of millions of images from microfiche. There’s no better time to convert your legacy records from microfilm into a uniform method of access. Contact us for more details


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